ChainClash: the review of the game

The game we’re going to talk about today to make a review of it is ChainClash, which falls into the category of hitting games and allows you to collide with other users in the classic PVP (Player Versus Player) mode.

It’s a game based on the EOS blockchain and in fact to interact with this game we’ll have to use one of the supported wallets that allow to manage the EOS blockchain, like for example Scatter or Wombat.

The first aspect that immediately jumps out at you is the possibility to play in a completely free way, so it’s a free-to-play game to all effects, even if inside you can find a store where you can buy characters and objects useful to evolve the character.

Remember that this game has virtualized many of the famous characters of the crypto world, such as Brock Pierce and his wife Crystal Rose and John McAfee and has a good reputation, being among the most popular games in the EOS community.

The game exploits characters, called avatars, who can compete in dedicated Crypto Genius arenas divided according to strength and level, in order to achieve a fair match-making and to make players of the same level clash.

How to earn with ChainClash
Also interesting is the marketplace system that we find inside the game where we can sell almost anything from character to game tools as a kit to train our character and so on, making this game a possible source of small profits.

There’s also a rewards system within the game where as the days pass when we connect to the game we’ll get higher and higher rewards.

This allows you, for example, to buy items to evolve your character or to encourage users to play more and more.

A couple of months ago other daily rewards were also announced: every day there is a pool in EOS that is distributed among the best players in the ranking, so the higher our score the more EOS we will get.

So even just by participating and playing the game we will get paid, a system worthy of a „play to earn“ game. You can earn something even with minimal effort and without initial investment.

Final review on ChainClash
Gameplay: limited and repetitive, 5/10;
Advertising and item cost: no chance to buy items if you want to progress quickly, 5/10;
Crypto and blockchain integration: EOS only, dApp executable from both desktop and mobile browsers but without an executable to download or install, 7/10.

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